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Welcoming DVD

Equip Ushers, Greeters & Members for Excellence!


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Practical Hospitality Ideas & Tips to Train Members, Ushers/Greeters to Welcome

Presented by Lynette Hawkins, Highly Rated Seminar Leader & Greeter

“Excellent – She knows her stuff. This seminar reminded us to be more intentional about welcoming. A great way to train our parishioners. It was all so practical.”
Pastor, Richmond, Virginia

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Why Struggle to Create Hospitality Training?

Get Make Room to Welcome DVD… Plus A Leader’s Guide   $49.99

This Very Affordable DVD Offers…

  • Simple Ways to Remind Ushers/Greeters & Members to Smile
  • Ideas to Train Ushers/Greeters to Welcome from the Parking Lot to the Pews
  • Ways to Help First Time Visitors Who Know Nothing About Your Church
  • Welcoming Ways to Greet Visitors
  • What First Time Visitors Notice When They First Visit
  • Proven Ways to Show Visitors You Care
  • W.A.R.M. formula on showing our Christian love
  • Biblical Reminders to Practice Hospitality
  • Ideas Your Team Can Use Next Sunday
  • How to Really Welcome at Coffee Hour Too
  • Pause & Discuss after Each Segment to Shape Personal Action Plans
  • Lots of Ideas to Communicate a Welcoming Image
  • Affordable, Practical Training Presented by A Person Who Sits in the Pews

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bookcoverUshers: Creating an Extraordinary Welcome $14.95

A Guidebook to Usher Ministry e-book (Download immediately)

Click Here to Preview 55+ Page Book

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New! Training Exercises for Ushers & Greeters  Price: $9.95

Are you looking to encourage ushers to smile, welcome and show Christian kindness? This e-book offers 25+ ideas for icebreakers, games and role-plays to jump start training.(Download immediately)

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New! Usher Hospitality: Before Saying a Word  $9.95

Does body language get in the way of creating an extraordinary welcome? This e-book offers understanding of how eye contact, body gestures and smiling can impact usher communication. Learn the 4 Simple Things Every Usher Can do. Includes tips, exercise activity and suggested Scriptures to encourage the usher ministry. (Download immediately)

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W.A.R.M. Welcome Cards (Business-size cards)  $9.95

Use this quick easy W.A.R.M. formula at a refresher meeting to encourage ushers, greeters and members to show their Christian love. Give every attendee a card to remind them how to welcome visitors. Comes with leader’s guide and 25 to a pack. The W.A.R.M. is also covered in DVD. Ships within 2 weeks.

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Additional W.A.R.M. Cards $4.00 per pack

25 cards in a pack.

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Hospitality Tool Kit  On Sale Now! $14.95

Equip for excellence! This tool kit offers checklists, surveys for mystery worshipers, ideas and tips to launch training or refreshers for your ushers, greeters or members. (Download immediately)

CLICK here to Preview this ToolKit

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On-Site Awesome Welcome! Training

Host a Seminar at Your Church (CLICK for more information)

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