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How Can We Get Men More Involved in Church Work?


How can we engage men in church work? I ask this after visiting  congregation where I only saw four men present on a Sunday and one of them was the pastor. Men represent approximately 48% of the United States population but in many of our congregations the percent of men is well below fifty percent. As I talk with Christians at my seminars, I often hear the comment of how difficult it is to get men active in the work of the church.

As we approach Mother’s Day, I can not help but ponder the thought. What will congregations say to the many unchurched men that may come on Mother’s Day to honor the women in their lives? Will we invite them back? What will we invite them to? Will there be a special “shout out” to the men that tells them they are welcomed?

My small informal survey with men at various churches has drawn me to this conclusion. If we want to encourage active participation of men in ministry, we must intentionally reach out to men and invite them to do something that gets them involved right away. In talking to a gentleman in his 40′s last Sunday, he summed it up this way: “Men like to do things like cook food, serve the homeless, help out the seniors or anything that gets them together for a good purpose.” He alsod, shared, “we like stuff that gets us right in the middle of it right away.”

As I write this blog, I simply would like to lift up the question, how is your ministry actively engaging men in the work of the church?


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