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Frequent Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Communications Plan?

It is an annual plan that helps to set direction on how your congregation will reach out to the community, timelines, budgets and accomplishment goals.

What does communications planning do for the church?

It helps to steer conversation on ministry, outreach, evangelism and where God is leading your ministry. In addition, communication planning does the following:

  • Creates a consensus of communications
  • Builds momentum among members
  • Generates new ideas and energy for evangelism

How long does a communications plan need to be?

It can be a short simple plan, but the key is to have it complete with the essential elements:

Key Elements of A Communications Plan

  • Current Situation
  • Goals/Vision of the Church Communications
  • What Ministries & Communications Tools Offered by Churches in Area
  • Positioning of the Ministry
  • Target Audience
  • Ministries/Worship Times/Special Events/Sermon Series
  • Key Messages
  • Communication Strategies
  • Action Plans/Communication Tools to Use
  • Budgets/Timeline

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