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Communications Coaching

Our Communication Tool Evaluation Services include:

  • Evaluation of Printed Materials & Web Presence
  • Brand Identity Development with Logo & Motto
  • Communication Plan Development
  • Communication Audits for Website, Bulletin, Newsletter, etc.


Key Communication Tools often include Bulletins, Newsletter, Website, Direct Mail, Email & Brochures.

Would You Like an Unbiased Look at How These Items May Look to Outsiders?

What We Will Need Prior to Consultation:

  1. Your web address
  2. Three copies of each item you want us to evaluate.
  3. 3 copies of 3 different bulletins
  4. 3 copies of 3 different newsletters
  5. A copy of letter sent to visitors

What You’ll Receive:

  1. A written report on our 20-point evaluation
  2. Suggestions on how to increase effectiveness in communication
  3. Ideas to enhance a more guest-friendly communication.


  • Get a fresh perspective
  • Feel confident that you’re communicating welcome
  • Uncover the insider words you may be saying
  • Get more people to pay attention to your messages

Evaluate Newsletter, Bulletin or Brochure for  $50 each or Website & Facebook Page for $75.


Today more than ever, people relate to your unique community of faith.  Studies have shown that in many cases the denomination labels may not be as big of a factor when people visit and select where they worship. Communicating with intentional tools to connect people to how your congregation lives out its faith is essential. We can help you take a look at the elements that represent your mission.

Creation of a Motto – Shares a snapshot of what you do and gives people some idea of mission and vision of your organization. The motto serves as a way to state what you do.

Logo – Offers a visual representation of your purpose and further reinforces the message about your organization. Placing a consistent logo on brochures, fliers, website, stationary, etc. further clarifies your message and provides greater recognition to the communication message you share.

We can assist with helping your congregation or leaders uncover the tagline or motto that best depicts who you are. Our team of graphic designers can assist in creating a visual that ties directly to your mission and vision.

What We Need Prior to Consultation

  1. Your mission statement
  2. Questionnaire filled out by appropriate leadership
  3. Samples of communication materials
  4. Identity items such as business cards and letterhead.
  5. Contact liaison for this project.


Does Your Team Need Help Creating the tools to get the word out? Whether You’re in the Midst of a Capital Campaign, Planning a Conference or Trying to Reach A Specific Segment of the Community, Let Us Help You Shape Ways to Get the Word Out.

Creating an intentional plan to reach out takes time and understanding of who are intentionally trying to reach. We can help with any or all elements of helping to get the word out. From Getting Media Coverage to Using Direct Mail to Social Media and Grassroots Efforts…. A Real Communication Plan Matters!


Elements of the Plan include:

  • Target Audience
  • Key “Value-based” Message
  • Communication Tools (Media, Printed Materials, Direct Mail, Social Media, etc.)
  • Timing for Development
  • Places to Reach Target Audience
  • Measurement Tool

What We’ll Need Prior to Consultation:

  1. Your mission statement and vision
  2. Goals for the project
  3. Identification of target audience
  4. Communications Budget
  5. Existing communication tools
  6. Plans for the event, ministry, etc.
  7. Liaison contact for the project.


Does your organization need assistance reaching out to the local media? Could you benefit from a professionally developed press kit?

  • Press releases and kits created to fit your needs.


Are you planning a non-worship event? Do you need help on

how to connect visitors?

Our special event coaching can work with your planning team to make intentional efforts to invite, welcome and connect people who may be totally new.

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